Georges P. Vanier Junior High

Volunteering at GPV

A volunteer includes but is not limited to a coach, a driver, a classroom helper and a trip chaperone. Anyone looking to volunteer within the school must have a Criminal Records Check and Child Abuse Registry Search completed and submitted into the main office before they can volunteer. Students will not be permitted to travel to or from a school sanctioned event with a parent (other than their own) unless the parent has a Criminal Records Check,Child Abuse Registry Search and a J-Form on file in the main office. If you have these checks done through another agency, school, or organization, you can request that they send a copy to Georges P. Vanier. Please see the links below to access Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Information.  J Forms are available in the main office.


Criminal Record Check
(*Paste link into browser and follow the instructions for the online or in-person crimal record check process)

Child Abuse Registry
(*Paste link into browser and click on the link titled "Child Abuse Register Request for Search form (PDF)" below the "Next Steps" heading)